As a fitness coach, I use fitness to show women how to take control of their health, happiness, and self-confidence.

Exercise and healthy eating are incredibly powerful tools that can build life-long happiness about your body. I know – because that’s what happened to me.

After having my two babies, I ended up 6 stone heavier than I am now. I hated seeing photos of myself. I didn’t need to see how I looked, I already knew. My eating habits were out of control and I didn’t know where to start with getting fit with a young family. I didn’t want to go on yet another diet (they never worked anyway). But I knew I couldn’t stay like this. Something had to change.

I started small and changed my lifestyle. I learned about healthy eating (not dieting!) and found exercise I absolutely loved. The little changes became habits. And that’s how I lost the weight – and have kept it off all these years.

Now I’m a qualified and experienced Fitness Instructor & Personal Trainer, this is what I promise to teach you.

How to fall in love with exercise, healthy eating and moving your body so you have a total life transformation (not just physical). My fitness coaching changes your mindset and confidence. You’ll learn how to be fit and healthy for life.

If you want to lose weight, get stronger, and have less body fat, get in touch. Let’s get you healthier, happier, and feeling your total sexy self!

Let me be your teacher, coach, and biggest motivator. We are stronger together.


Find out more at my Services page or send me a message. This is the first step to your healthy happy future!