Client Transformations

I’ve never been more proud to look at my “before” picture than I am now, not only am I in better shape (I have dropped 3.5st in weight.) I also feel much more confident about myself. Thank you for always being there and always pushing me to reach to my goals. I couldn’t have wished for a better trainer.

I started having PT sessions with Jerry-Ann after initially joining Empress Studio classes.

I’m a mum of four children, working part time too and I lost myself in their world of nappies, parks, clubs and school, etc. Since working with Jerry I have found a new strength and confidence within me. Jerry is supportive and understanding but also pushes me to test my limits. My physical and mental transformation is huge for me and my family. My hormones and post-natal depression were a massive issue when I first started but with Jerry’s help and knowledge I am in a much more consistent place with this and find it doesn’t impact my daily life now. I’m stronger, fitter, healthier and more positive. Never did I think I would do a photoshoot but Jerry made it achievable and I loved it! Jerry is a quiet but constant source of stability in my life and I am grateful I get to work with her and be part of the Team!

I started off my journey at 13st 6lb I was very unfit and felt lazy, unmotivated and unhappy with my appearance but I could just never find a good diet/plan that I could stick to. In November 2020, I started Jerry Ann’s online programme. This was the start of my heathy lifestyle with so many great recipes and 30 minute workouts I could work in with my routine, I feel in love with the new me; motivated, fit and happy, I am now 9st 8lb and have been able to maintain this, have never felt more happier in myself and proud of the hard work I had put in.

Without a doubt I am a different person than the one I was when I started PT with Jed

I’m not just talking physically, although I am amazed at the change in my body shape and am the strongest I have ever been. Starting at a size 10-12, I did not expect my body to change as much as it has (no more cankles!) and I am still surprised when I look in the mirror. However, more importantly for me have been the improvements in my mental health and emotional well-being. Jed had given me the tools to cope with the twists and turns of life and I now have the confidence to deal with anything and so much more self awareness, I literally am living my best life and my PT sessions are one of the highlights of my week.

Since I have been working with Jerry-Ann I have become so much stronger both physically and mentally.

I can definitely lift heavier, have great muscle tone (with no bulk), am slimmer and, yes, I weigh less BUT it’s so much more than that. I no longer chuck the towel in because I have had a “bad” day.  There are no bad days anymore, just days where I’m not 100% on plan. I draw a line under these and move on. I find I make better choices to get more benefit from the food I eat but this doesn’t mean I don’t eat cake, ice cream or whatever, I just factor it into my day.
I have learned that not being 100% on it 100% is just being human NOT being a failure.

Thanks so much for you support in getting here Jerry!

I feel completely different to when I started. I used to be on and off fad diets constantly, typical yoyo diets of restriction, only to gain weight again. I feel much better all round because I’ve learned to eat well and move more, and enjoy exercise! It’s just crazy to think how it effects your whole life. I cannot thank you enough for giving me a whole new life and outlook! I will continue to do what you’ve taught me with that new knowledge.