I welcome women of all ages and fitness levels, from first-timers to fitness fans who want to get back into it. I’ve been there and done it, so I completely understand all stages of the journey!

Whatever your goal is, we can achieve it. And I promise we’ll do it the most healthy, sustainable, and enjoyable way. 

If you’re in Colchester, you can work with me in person (Personal Training or Small Group Training at my private studio). If you’re not local – or you prefer to do things online – you can join my virtual coaching programme. Find out more and drop me a line.

Personal Training in Colchester

For women who want to work 1-2-1 with me in Colchester. This is totally personalised PT based around your background, experiences, and goals. No diets, no strict rules, no crazy rules. Just plenty of fun and encouragement so healthy habits become part of life.

– Personalised training plans
– Diet and nutrition advice
Regular progress check ins
Education and resources
In-person training sessions

Online Fitness Coaching

You don’t have to do in-person fitness coaching to get the benefits. My online coaching has been set up for women who can’t train with me (or who prefer to do things online). You’ll get personalised plans and access to online fitness classes, plus a big bonus: the support of my lively Facebook coaching group.

– Personalised gym or home workout plans
– Live or catch up online workouts
– Diet and nutrition advice
– Check ins and updates
– Videos, Q&As and resources
– Access to supportive members group 

Heal Emotional Eating

I support women to stop fighting emotional eating, overeating and stress to start living the lives they’ve been craving. If you feel overwhelmed, struggle with excess weight, stress and limited self-belief then this could be the answer! I work together with my students to start healing, create food freedom and body confidence. This coaching service is as per individual and can include an element of fitness but doesn’t have to, this is completely unique. Please enquire for more information